smart logistic services for businesses

Go green.

Optimization and efficient planning

Manual planning of transport causes problems that transcend bounds of businesses. Trucks running late are all too familiar an occurrence in many facilities. That creates tailbacks, problems with parking space in front of facilities, and traffic jams in the vicinity of the facility or in a whole town. Our solution makes planning and management of transport logistic process in a facility much, much easier. It allows for efficient planning of business’ cargo runs while optimally utilizing cargo area of trucks, affecting both staff workload and traffic around the facility.

Smart planning of transportation into time slots

Due to uneven workload, facility staff is either idle or overburdened and forced to work longer hours. greentls portal allows planning into time slots in a smart and even way. It ensures that transport is spread regularly and that the warehouse staff’s workload is even. It also optimally schedules times of transportation making it possible to complete the order faster. Facility can anticipate traffic jams that occur regularly in the given location and can take them into account while planning transport in a less busy time. This approach minimizes the risk of truck getting stuck in a traffic jam and running late.

optimal scheduling of transportation

Evenly planned transport considerably lowers prices and raises efficiency.

Flexible changes in real-time

The greentls portal makes transport logistics of your business easy and efficient. Timetable of transports scheduled for the day and actual position of every freighter allow you to react flexibly and in real time. You can communicate with drivers through push notifications and ensure that traffic flows smoothly and without any traffic jams. The map that is part of the app for carriers navigates drivers around the facility to the exact place where their truck will be handled, thus minimizing time spent in the facility.

- 45%

of loading and offloading time

- 30%

of staff workload

- 20%

of transportation cost

Make your facility more efficient

Planning transport and navigating drivers around the facility speeds up dispatch time. Communication via multilingual app removes language barrier and helps prevent misunderstandings. Electronic processing of documents makes dispatch faster and easier and cuts down workload of your staff. Ability to change the timetable as you need cuts down transport fees and makes the facility more efficient.

plan transportation efficiently and responsibly

Efficient logistic solutions are environmentally responsible.

Be considerate and caring to your surroundings

Year 2019 saw as much as 43% of trucks hitting our roads empty without any cargo.* Optimized logistic strategy of your business cuts down your costs and is also necessary to cut down negative impacts that doing business inflicts on the environment and the society. Transport managed in an efficient way cuts down CO2 emissions, thus helping to improve quality of air and life of people inhabiting the region.

* Source: Eurostat

Digitalization and requirements for sustainable future

Complicated manual planning of transportation and many documents that need to be printed and signed represent a significant load not just for your employees and drivers, but also for the environment. Digitalization of logistics eliminates errors, improves efficiency and promotes sustainability of transport logistics process. The greentls portal allows easier coordination, synchronization and real-time communication with your contactors. Our online solution is available as a mobile app and allows you to validate and sign documents in electronic form.

smart use of resources

Smart solutions does not waste resources.

Price list

Gain all advantages that greentls offers to your business for a monthly subscription that does not cost arm and leg. Create a monthly plan to meet the exact needs of your business.

Smart Dock

199 EUR/monthly

Plan transportation to your ramps smartly. The first ramp 199 EUR/month, each additional ramp 119 EUR/month. The stated price does not include VAT.

Smart Driver

49 EUR/monthly

Simplify communication with drivers using a mobile application. The number of downloads and installations for drivers is unlimited. The stated price does not include VAT.

Smart Custom

Individual offer
Every company has unique needs, which is why we will propose a custom-made solution for you. Contact us for more information about customization.

"We have been providing modern and efficient solutions for planning logistics operations in companies for a long time. The greentls portal allows you to immediately benefit from these advantages without large investments. You can get started with our service almost immediately after a simple online order, with fixed monthly fees."

František Rusnák, Product Manager

logistics management in a whole region

Solution for zero-emission areas.

Less time spent in traffic jams

Planning of logistic operations can help cut down negative impact that doing business and industry have on lives of people living in the region. Traffic jams occur regularly and can be anticipated. Using data, we are able to efficiently customize logistic operations of your business to your local environment and set appropriate delivery times out of rush our. Implementation of logistics management system into your operations helps cut down time spent in traffic jams while at the same time it helps improve traffic situation on roads.

Cleaner air for everyone

Optimization of logistic operations is a prerequisite for regional sustainable development and improvement of quality of life. Scheduling transports helps reduce number of empty trucks running up and down the roads, thus reducing traffic jams. As a result, it also reduces CO2 emissions and improves air quality. Clean air is a key factor in ensuring everyone is healthy and efficiently scheduled and managed transportation can reduce amount of contaminants in the air we breathe.


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