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About Us

For more than a decade, we have been simplifying logistics processes for industry leaders, helping them to make their businesses more efficient. We are a technology company that specializes in developing innovative supply chain solutions using Industry 4.0 standards. We can help you achieve your goals and make your business more competitive. 

With greenTLS, we bring the opportunity to digitalize logistics processes in companies of all sizes and industries. With many years of experience and expert know-how, we are a reliable partner in the logistics industry


Start of development of the first version of the Transport Logistics System (TLS) by M2M Solutions s.r.o. 


New version of TLS extended with the possibility of integration into the customer's ERP.


Transforming TLS to the cloud. The version works as a multitenant system and it is the basis for greenTLS. 


Implementation of TLS in South America. 


New TLS implementations in Europe. Mobile application development and implementation. 


Start selling TLS as a service under the greenTLS brand with a monthly payment model. Implementation of the TLS system in China. 

A future for the next generations  

Our mission is to bring efficient logistics solutions to all businesses while supporting them in being responsible to their environment. We are proud that the technologies we develop enable our clients to grow while helping to minimize the environmental impact of their business. 

Whatever your logistical challenges, we are ready to support your business. 


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