Create a custom plan 

Thanks to the intelligent logistics process management, you can easily manage the transport schedule in your company. Carriers will arrive at regular intervals and the work of your employees will be more efficient. 

Choose from the offered services and create the ideal logistics solution for your plant. 
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We'll send you the approaches and you'll be able to start enjoying the benefits of greenTLS right away. 

Smart Dock

Enables intelligent transportation planning to your docks. Choose the number of docks you want to schedule transportation to and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your transportation. 

The price for the first dock is 199 €/month. Each additional dock will only cost you 119 €/month. You can cancel or modify your service at any time. Price excluded VAT. 
  • Planning and organizing transport into time windows 

  • Daily schedule 

  • Comprehensive overview of vehicles in the plant 

  • Carrier management 

  • Real-time loading/unloading organization 

  • Operational responses to non-standard situations 

  • Detailed information on each stage of the process 

  • Access for external users 

  • Quality and quantity control 

  • Choice of Slovak or English language 

"Our solution is not just about saving money, but also about creating more efficient and greener business opportunities. With greenTLS, you will save money, increase the efficiency of your transport organization, and support the sustainability of your business. Invest with us in the green and economic future of your business." 

Martin Jančo, CEO 

Smart Driver

The mobile application designed for drivers performing transportation to your business. Simplify communication with drivers and ensure smooth transportation without delays. 

The price for the application is 49 €/month. The number of downloads and installations by drivers is unlimited. You can cancel or change the service at any time. Price excluded VAT. 
  • Easy to use 

  • Overview of all planned transports 

  • Option to share vehicle location 

  • Option for driver registration upon arrival at the plant directly through the mobile application 

  • Vehicle navigation within the plant 

  • Driver notifications directly through the mobile application 

  • Assistant messages for the driver 

  • Choice of Slovak or English language 

"With the greenTLS portal, you will achieve complete control over logistics in your plant. With clear insights, you will be able to work efficiently, gaining online access to crucial information to evaluate situations and optimize your transport." 

Vladimír Pšenák, COO 

Smart Custom

The system is sufficiently universal and can be adapted to various customers according to their individual needs. 

The solution does not require additional hardware, but we can provide it if needed. If you are interested in a custom-made solution or prefer a comprehensive solution with hardware, please contact us, and we will prepare a price offer especially for your needs.
Every company has unique needs, which is why we will design a custom-made solution for you.